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Decorate the event following the Bar Mitzvah party theme in each phase of the party.

Bar Mitzvah Party Decorations
Bar Mitzvah Decorations

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Bar Mitzvah literally means son of the commandment to observe the commandments along with the corresponding right to take part in leading religious services, to count in a minyan, to form binding contracts, to testify before religious courts and to marry.
Bar Mitzvah

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Bar Mitzvah Party Banners
Bar Mitzvah Theme Party Banners

Bar Mitzvah Decorations

Ideas for Bar Mitzvah Centerpieces

A Bar Mitzvah marks a memorable event in the life of a young Jewish man; and the ultimate Bar Mitzvah celebration would not be complete without an impressive handmade centerpiece.

A homemade centerpiece for a Bar Mitzvah party should involve the symbols associated with this milestone, which marks a definite transition in the life of a Jewish person. A host could make a draedel, a Star of David or a Menorah from paper, wood, ceramic or even foil or paper mache; either creating a single oversized example of one of these timeless symbols, or a small collection of these sacred emblems. All could be painted or colored in hues of azure and silver, traditional colors of the faith, and could be placed on a silver or crystalline tray at the center of the party table.

A tastier version of any of these symbols also could make a beautiful handmade centerpiece at any Bar Mitzvah. Chocolate draedels are popular treats among those of the Jewish faith; an oversized version of one of these treats would make a sumptuous centerpiece, as would a lush butter cream cake or blueberry coffee cake in shades of blue and silver, a batch of cupcakes or blueberry muffins iced in the same hues, or a lush golden cake (perhaps even a strawberry shortcake) baked in the shape of a Menorah.

Real versions of these Jewish symbols could be handed out as party supplies or take home party favors at a Bar Mitzvah. Guests would love to take home lapel pins, magnets and paper weights in the shape of draedels and Stars of David, as mementos of a beautiful experience.

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Bar Mitzvah Party Supplies

Bar Mitzvah Party Supplies
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