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Decorate the event following the Barney party theme in each phase of the party.

Barney Party Decorations
Barney Decorations

Party Theme Shop has party favors, festive decorations and low prices on party supplies for the Barney party with lightening speed delivery!  Create memorable times at your celebration from matching invitations to party games to fit the atmosphere. Barney Decorations at the Party Themes Shop with Party Hats, Door Curtains, Centerpieces and more Barney party decorations in many colors and styles.  Click below to see a full line of Barney with our very low prices!!! Party Theme Shop also has Barney Invitations,  Thank You Notes, and Confetti.  Enjoy  Stickers and more Barney decorations!
Barney, BJ, Scooter and friends love to play and teach kids lessons of friendship, kindness and manners.

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Barney Party Banners
Barney Theme Party Banners

Barney Decorations

Ideas for Barney Centerpieces

Creating homemade Barney centerpieces should include a variety of Barney party supplies along with a few stuffed Barneys and his friends. Party tables always look better when they are decorated with awesome party favors and assorted items. For the most part homemade Barney centerpieces are ideal for birthday parties, showers and other related activities. Therefore, creating a variety of homemade Barney centerpieces will liven up any area and add to the party’s atmosphere.

Making delightful handmade Barney centerpieces may seem rather challenging, but it can be done quite easily as well as inexpensively with just a few items. To begin with, use traditional Barney tablecloths and cover the tables completely. Then add a medium sized stuffed Barney to the center of each table. At this point, decorate each homemade Barney centerpiece a little different than the last. On one table, add a few other stuffed Barney characters and a few Barney novelty items. Then on another table place a few Barney books and CDs and finally on the main table, use a decorative Barney cake complete with party supplies and other decorations to give a true Barney look. More often than not, most guests at this party will find that a Barney party complete with a variety of homemade Barney centerpieces and other items is perfect for any Barney fan.

Most hosts will decorate for a Barney party using a great deal of purple homemade Barney centerpieces. These decorative handmade centerpieces can be designed a variety of ways all of which will only add to the Barney designs. Furthermore, most Barney guests will enjoy singing and dancing with Barney while they enjoy the various handmade Barney centerpieces throughout the room.

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Barney Party Supplies

Barney Party Supplies
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