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Decorate the event following the Beer party theme in each phase of the party.

Beer Party Decorations
Beer Decorations

Party Theme Shop has party favors, festive decorations and low prices on party supplies for the Beer party with lightening speed delivery!  Create memorable times at your celebration from matching invitations to party games to fit the atmosphere. Beer Decorations at the Party Themes Shop with Centerpieces, Napkins, Decorating Kits and more Beer party decorations in many colors and styles.  Click below to see a full line of Beer with our very low prices!!! Party Theme Shop also has Beer Streamers,  Confetti, and Paper Plates.  Enjoy  Glow Sticks and more Beer decorations!
A keg is a large cooler used at a Beer Party.

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Beer Party Banners
Beer Theme Party Banners

Beer Decorations

Ideas for Beer Centerpieces

Adults are sure to flock to a rip roaring Beer party; especially if a cute and creative homemade centerpiece is served up at this ‘spirited’ festivity.

A handmade centerpiece for a Beer party could center around an oversized glass of beer; though guests might be just a bit disappointed that this particular mug of brew does not contain copious amounts of the actual spirit, but is rather a crafty facsimile of a beer mug.

To create this handmade centerpiece, the host could start with a large circle of brown- or gold-colored plastic or paper, setting it up at the center of the party table and filling it to the rim with paper or Styrofoam in similar hues. Then she could create ‘faux suds’ with the use of glued cotton balls or even plastic bubble containers (like the ones that hold pantyhose pairs) that could be placed on top of the oversized ‘mugs,’ to simulate beer bubbles. Guests will love this creative centerpiece, which is sure to make them thirsty for the real deal!

As a matter of fact, real beer also could be used as part of a homemade centerpiece for a Beer party (Yep, beer cans can double as party supplies!). A host could build a fun tower or even a small castle or fort of beer bottles or cans, placing it at the center of the table for the amusement—not to mention the liquid refreshment—of guests. Or she could line up these bottles and cans in the formation of a greeting for guests, such as “Welcome!” Or “Beer’s to a Great Party!”

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Beer Party Supplies

Beer Party Supplies
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