Chinese New Year Party Supplies

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Chinese New Year Decorations, Centerpieces &
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Decorate the event following the Chinese New Year party theme in each phase of the party.

Chinese New Year Party Decorations
Chinese New Year Decorations

Party Theme Shop has party favors, festive decorations and low prices on party supplies for the Chinese New Year party with lightening speed delivery!  Create memorable times at your celebration from matching invitations to party games to fit the atmosphere. Chinese New Year Decorations at the Party Themes Shop with Maracas, Confetti, Streamers and more Chinese New Year party decorations in many colors and styles.  Click below to see a full line of Chinese New Year with our very low prices!!! Party Theme Shop also has Chinese New Year Balloons,  Door Curtain, and Personalized Banners.  Enjoy  Glow Sticks and more Chinese New Year decorations!
The Chinese New Year is the second New Moon after the winter solstice.
Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year Party Banners
Chinese New Year Theme Party Banners

Chinese New Year Decorations

Ideas for Chinese New Year Centerpieces

Celebrate Chinese New year with homemade centerpieces that can easily be made in a few easy steps. Bamboo centerpieces make for great Chinese New year centerpieces. A bamboo centerpiece can be made from several bamboo stalks in a glass vase with pebbles to hold the stalks in place. Add Calla Lillies as well for additional color. Long pin needles in a glass vase with some red or black pebbles can also be used as Chinese New Years centerpieces.

Add some traditional Chinese New Year colors (red, white, and gold) to the handmade centerpieces as well. Various sized Chinese lanterns surround by red candles and pebbles make for wonderful centerpieces. Group together Chinese lanterns with the rest of the accent pieces into an interesting form. Those who love arts & crafts may consider making a homemade Chinese dragon centerpiece. Draw dragon sections (head, body, and tail) onto a few sheets of Bristol board. Another option is to trace a designed dragon but creating one’s own dragon is much more fun. Decorate the dragon with different colored construction paper. Cut strips of and apply to both sides of the Bristol board. Cut the dragon out along the edges and glue the sections of the dragon together. Glue chopsticks onto each section of the dragon for handles. Punch holes in the glued joints of the dragon and fasten them together with paper fasteners to simulate larger dragons. Place the chopsticks in multiple containers for a Chinese New Year centerpiece.

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Chinese New Year Party Supplies

Chinese New Year Party Supplies
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