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Decorate the event following the Construction party theme in each phase of the party.

Construction Party Decorations
Construction Decorations

Party Theme Shop has party favors, festive decorations and low prices on party supplies for the Construction party with lightening speed delivery!  Create memorable times at your celebration from matching invitations to party games to fit the atmosphere. Construction Decorations at the Party Themes Shop with Pinatas, Invitations, Napkins and more Construction party decorations in many colors and styles.  Click below to see a full line of Construction with our very low prices!!! Party Theme Shop also has Construction Plasticware,  Gift Baskets, and Bandanas.  Enjoy  Loot bags and more Construction decorations!
Put the yellow hard hats on and get out the trucks to bring in the construction theme party together.

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Construction Party Banners
Construction Theme Party Banners

Construction Decorations

Ideas for Construction Centerpieces

‘Build up’ excitement at any Construction party with a fun and creative handmade centerpiece.

It only seems fitting to ‘build’ a homemade centerpiece at a Construction party; especially one that could serve as a veritable scale model of a construction site. The host could fix a small box with sand or dirt, then line it with models of construction vehicles made of iron or wood. These could include cranes, bulldozers, tractors, etc. Also mixed in could be construction worker action figures dressed in hard hats and safety jackets; Bob the Builder dolls would fit in perfectly in this centerpiece.

A handmade centerpiece for a Construction fest could also involve the fine art of culinary construction. The host could bake a cake of any flavor, layering it with thick icing of chocolate butter cream to liken the dirt floor of a construction site. Then she could top it with plastic or candied cake topper party supplies that include construction workers and work vehicles, and perhaps even a small plastic house at the center of the cake.

Another edible homemade centerpiece for a Construction party could center around a gingerbread house. The host could prepare any variety of gingerbread house, either from scratch or with the help of a kit, and surround it with construction-related symbols. She could surround the house with candied or gingerbread construction workers, whether they’re driving construction vehicles like bulldozers or cranes and climbing ladders up the house’s side; she even could stick a few on top of the house, to most literally ‘raise the roof’ at the party!

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Construction Party Supplies

Construction Party Supplies
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