New Years Eve Party Supplies

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New Years Eve Decorations, Centerpieces &
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Decorate the event following the New Years Eve party theme in each phase of the party.

New Years Eve Party Decorations
New Years Eve Decorations

Party Theme Shop has party favors, festive decorations and low prices on party supplies for the New Years Eve party with lightening speed delivery!  Create memorable times at your celebration from matching invitations to party games to fit the atmosphere. New Years Eve Decorations at the Party Themes Shop with Confetti, Personalized Banners, Centerpieces and more New Years Eve party decorations in many colors and styles.  Click below to see a full line of New Years Eve with our very low prices!!! Party Theme Shop also has New Years Eve Party Music,  Decorating Kits, and Glow Sticks.  Enjoy  LED Light Ups and more New Years Eve decorations!
Bring in the New Year with a creative New Year's eve theme party like Luau, Mardi Gras, or Western.
New Years Eve

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New Years Eve Party Banners
New Years Eve Theme Party Banners

New Years Eve Decorations

Ideas for New Years Eve Centerpieces

For a truly festive New Years Eve environment add a New Years theme homemade centerpiece for all party guests to enjoy. Setting up a New Years Eve handmade centerpiece does not have to be a costly one. Select simple celebratory items such as noisemakers, confetti, blowers, party hats, boas, tinsel, curling ribbon, and balloons. Use silver and gold ornaments with the other party supplies for added flare as well. Create a magnificent centerpiece by cutting out the year being celebrated from cardboard. Once the numbers are cut out then use silver or gold glitter. Attached the numbers to long craft sticks by using tape or glue and place the sticks in a long piece of Styrofoam for them to stay upright. One option is to cut out two sides to the numbers and place the craft sticks in the middle. Add glitter to both sides of the numbers. Use the power of the imagination to create different shapes and patterns on the numbers the numbers do not have to be one solid color obviously. Hide the Styrofoam by placing various party supplies on it and a festive homemade centerpiece is created. Place party hats, curling ribbon on top of the numbers and around the craft sticks. There is no limit on what can or cannot be done to a New Years Eve centerpiece. Once the party is over allow the party guests to take what they will from the centerpiece and everyone can go home safe and sound.

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New Years Eve Party Supplies

New Years Eve Party Supplies
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